Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The invisible quality of a champion is endurance!
He refuses to run from a fight!
He knows that overcoming involves more then one battle!

Rejoice not against me,
O mine enemy:
When I fall,
I shall arise!

He never conciders quiting as an option!
He rests, then he gets up again!
Hell fears a fighter!
Your endurance makes the enemy tired!
With God as your partner you cannot fail!

A mushroom can spring up in a day,
an oak takes fifty years or more to mature.
Mushrooms dont last,oaks do!

"Blessed is the man that endures temptation,
for when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life
which the Lord has promised to them that love him"
JAMES 1 :12



Hidden Treasures

The riches places in the world are not the diamond mines of Africa,
neither the rich oil fields of the world.
The riches places in the world are the graveyards!
That's where all the dreams are burried
all the great inventions that never been accomplished!

Friend hold on to your dreams
Rise boldly !
Let them manifest!
Do not allow fear or rejection pull you down.

When people reject you it's not because you are inferior
but because you are superior!

If Jesus is your LORD
You are destined to WIN!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hi Friend

Once a pastor told me that the Bible was a book of sorrows.

That made me fearful of God ,angry towards God, and for many years I believed that God had something against me, since my life was going from bad to worse.

Latter on, at my old church, when I was very sick, and doctors could not helped me, I was told that God has His plans for us we dont know what HE will do, and so on.

At that point the Holy spirit was speaking to me through Mark 11:22 /23/24
So Jesus answered and said "Have faith in God.
For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain,
'Be removed and be cast into the sea',
and does not doubt in His heart, but believes that those things he says will be done,
he will have whatever he says.
Therefore I say to you, Whatever things You ask when You pray, Believe that You receive them, and You Will Have Them.

Unfortunatly when I shared that, I was told that "only if it is thy will" for me to be healed then I was going to receive healing.
Some times we dont know, after all many great man and women died.

I ran away from that church, I didnt want to hear anything else. I was sick I needed help to receive healing, and all my hopes were crushed.

I rememer how I cried to God with tears, and with all the strenght I had left to help me.
I am glad that He answered me, by sending brother Jerry Savell to minister His true word to me, and teached me about a God of love that I new nothing about,so today you can read my testimony.
Because I received my healing four years ago through faith!And now I help others to receive theirs.

God is a God of love He send Jesus so He can carry our cross,our suffering,our pain,our sicknesses and our sorrows, our poverty, on his body so we dont have to.

But for some strange reason this massage is not getting through.If people believe that all good and bad things are from God then Satan has won the victory.

How can you have faith in a father who send you your problem.

Many people are dying believing that they suffer for God.
God is a healer,if you believe He is.
God is a loving father and my mission is to tell people about His love and His graceful and merciful heart.

Today people are runing away from God because they dont know that God loves them.
He is not the problem maker, but He is the problem solver.
He does not bring cancer or heart failures, financial problems,he does not steal our kids,he does not send storms, this are the devils work.He takes the bad and He turn them to good if we believe.

Jesus said the thief does not come except to steal, and to kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.John 10:10


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to find balance in our multitask lifestyles

It was an eye opening experience when I discovered that the only bussiness that produce steady growth lately are the pharmaceutical companies!
Does that tells us anything?????
I believe that in order to live a life of peace and joy there has to be a balance in our six major areas bussiness ,family,social,physical,mental,and spiritual.
We must plan our time and walk in our plan!
Broken homes,stress,anxiety,confussion,failing bussiness, are all the result of an unbalanced lifestyle.
Many peoples lives and up in a mess because they are searching to find what they already possess within themselves but they cant see it.

Personaly I value peace of mind and rest in all areas and the only way that has been achived is by prioritizing,planing and walking in love and peace.
When the mind is at rest ideas flow easy, projects are completed, tasks are accomplished,marriages thrive,joy overflow and health is at its uttermost!

King Solomon was the wisest man ever lived yet he wrote the following. I accomplished great things.
I built myself houses and planted vineyards,
I planted gardens and orchards...
I dug ponds to irrigate them ,
I bought many slaves ....
I owned more livestock than anyone else ...
I also piled up silver and gold from royal treasuries of the land I ruled,
Man and women sang to entertain me,
and I had all the women a man could want 750 wives and 250 concubines.
Anything I wanted I got ,
I did not deny myself any pleasure...
then I thought about all...it was like chasing the wind.
He said the best thing a man can do is to enjoy what has been given.
His focus was on himself and what he wanted,
even though he had wisdom, selfishness and greed controled his life.

Selfishenes and greed are highly distractive and I believe they are the force behind this hectic multitask lifestyle of todays society in many peoples lives.

In order to achive success our life should be balanced and totaly adjusted in all of the six major areas. and also we must be greatful and appreciate the value of each brand new day.
Because each day is a gift that many times we take for granted and dont appreciate its value.
Each moment that passes by is another moment less in our lives!

Be at rest and be blessed

How can we increase self confidence

I often thought if I had one question to ask God about others
"I would ask Him to reveal to me what is the best way to help people discover the greatness they behold in their hearts because most people dont recognize how special they are!

We are all unique one of a kind and that alone makes us all special!
The word of God says we are God's own masterpiece created in Christ Jesus.
Ephesians 2:10 Chosen and predestined!
Blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!
and one of my favorites "As Christ is so are we in this world"
How is Christ?
is He sick?
is he poor?
is he wise?
is he a fool no good for nothing?
is he victorious?
is he successful?
is he joyful?
is he said? i
s he depressed?
is he fearful?
is he timid?
I had to ask my self all those questions few years ago (when I reached the bottom of the pit) and a study in his life changed my life forever.
Because in everydown moment I reminded my self that
"as He is so am I in this world" 1John4:17

Jesus had no sence of failure! He had no sence of infiriority complex!
He was never in debt!
He was fearles in threatening situations!
He was an absolute ruler over the forces of nature!
He had no sence of guilt! He had no sence of shame!
He had no sence of condemnation!
He was never sick!
He was master over satan and every demonic force!
He was a master of success!
He had wisdom and knew what to do in every situation!
He had mountain moving faith!
He was kind loving and compassionate!
He was in right standing with GOD!
And as He is so are We in this world!
Yes friend you are all special!
The reason that some times we dont see ourselves in that light is because many times we have the wrong people in our boat ( our mind, that has been programed by the wrong doctrings) and we have to throw them overboard!
Nothing is impossible for Him who believes!

Blessings Bianca”

Is there such thing as failure?

It is only a failure if the person gives up, and drops dead!

One of my favorite verses from the Bible is "Rejoice not against me,O mine enemy when I fall I shall arise!" Micah 7:8
For those with a dream and desire it is only a set back ,an opportunity for growth, a step before victory, but unfortunatly many people give up to easy and fear keeps them in bondage for life. The children of Israel saw themselves as grasshopers therefore they spend forty years with Moses and died in the wilderness! It is a matter of perception!
Blessings Bianca”

My answers on the financial crisis

“The just shall live by faith!

Hi friend, today I am going to talk about my views on the current financial crisis.

I believe that this situation will change when the leaders at the top get themselves strait and start talking positive instead of a doom future!

How can they gain consumer confidence when all they see is doom and gloom!

Fear breeds fear and any decisions made in fear are doomed for failure!
Fear is the result of focusing on the current circumstances and make decisions according to what we see now

The Word of God says"That if we faint in the day advercity our strength is small"
One of the greatest qualities of a leader is to be a visionary able to project rebirth out of the ashes!
Solid vision keeps everyone on track, chaos reigns wherever the vision lapses and that is the problem at present!

A leader will either cause people to thrive or to groan.

The problem is fear, and the leaders at present are talking and expecting crisis, instead of a breakthrough !
Jesus said we will have whatsoever we say and how true His words are!”
Leaders fainting in the day of advercity their strength is small!
Fear is contageous it spreads like a plague.

The world needs faithful leaders not fearful leaders!
When Leaders are fearful about the economic future, those who look up at them will hold to their resources.
As a result production slows down for lack of demand, corporations fail and people lose their jobs and we end up with economic disaster.

The world is in need of Leaders who dont abuse power.
Leaders who lead their people into a cause and not into confussion.
Leaders who focus on the wellbeing of their corporation, the people, their nation, and the world rather then themselves.

Leaders with a vision,who see a great future, speak about a great future, and bring about a great future!

Mature leaders whose foundation of success is based on honesty and integrity!



Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life is a race!

As I was watching Lowndesy comming through the winners lap for the third year in a row and win the bathurst 1000 race today, tears flooded my eyes as I recalled all the races the Lord helped me to win the last four years.
My wounds were many when the Lord opened His arms and held me tight .......both physical and emotional....my life was a highway of failures....relationships....bussiness....love...marriage.,...ill health....unfulfilled desires...divorce, lonliness....rejection, pain......so much pain....

Where do I start.......my life the last four years is a miracle after a miracle and many of you have watched and are witness of them.
*The Lord has turned my tests into a testimony,
*My tears into miles of smiles
*The pain into joy
*the fears into faith
*the sorrows into contentment
*stress into peace
*failure into success
from strenght to strenght and each day from fulness to overflow of blessings love and prosperity in abundance!
I am blessed beyond measure! Thank you Lord!
I learned to forgive, to love those who hurt me and to pray for them because they are in real need of prayer that hatred in their heart is killing them and they are not aware of it!

I remember brother Jerry once he said "find yourself in the bible" and one of the places I found myself was in the following verses.

"Now remember what you were, my brothers, when God called.From the human point of view few of you were wise or powerful or of high social standing but GOD purposely chose what the world considers nonsence in order to shame the wise and He chose what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful"
1Corinthians1: 26-27
Thats right friends, one of those foolish people was me, rejected, trodent down, used and abused
I have no college education to boast about My only PHD is "pray heal deliver"in the name of Jesus!
Not even in my wildest dream I could of thought that God would send such wonderful teachers and mentors in my life!
And not just in one area but in every area of life.
Healing, Wisdom,Counseling, Relationships, Money, Deliverance,Making wise decisions and the list goes on ..........

Lord I said last year, you said whatever I ask in your name you will do it for me, so my joy can be complete, please heal my right foot so I can wear high heal shoes like other women.......few weeks latter that stiff foot bend again supernaturaly....now I wear high heals all the time because this is another test that was turned in to a testimony!

Yes friends life is a race we dont give up we trust we believe we persevear and we win! yes we win because with God for us who can be against us!

Remember friends the golden rules of success
*We never ever compromise.. the one who does has lost already!
*Never make decisions out of fear!
*never accept a promotion or a new position because of money or prestige title, that opportunity may turned out to be the greatest curse in your life!
*When people reject you it is not because you are inferior but because you are superior!
Never try to please others because of guilt Jesus has set us free!
*If you are unhappy where you are get out of it!
*Ask believe and receive God wants His children to be happy and free, He send His son to set us free!
*Dont try to live a second best life Jesus came so you can live life in abundance to the full till it overflows!
*Are you living it?
*If not who is stealing your joy?
*The Son has set you free whom are you a slave to and why?

Walk with boldness strength and courage cause "the Lord is for you who can be against you" and remember "no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that will rise up against you in judgement will be condemned"..."for the Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated infront of your face!"


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Lord Jesus!

My Lord Jesus,my Lord Jesus, you are everything to me,
You are my Redeemer,You're my Healer and my peace!

My Lord Jesus,my Lord Jesus my life in me,
You were sent from Your Father our Creator Elohim!
To a world that has fallen in the enemy's hand
and you broke the yoke of bondage that was leading us to hell!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, You are everything to me
You are my blessed Savior and Your Spirit is leading me,
to an everlasting life free from sorrow and stress
because You set us free forever from the law of sin and death!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, my life's True Friend,
You are the only headen treasure that can resurrect the dead!
To the Cross Your love has lead You, to save others lost like me
and Your blood You gave to wash us, from the punishment of sin!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, You are everything to me,
in my heart You are now forever and Your love abides in me!

Copyright ©2008 Bianca Anne Martini

Abba Father thank you!

Elohim, Adonai,my Lord, El Shaddai,Protector,Redeemer and King,
I was lost in the world but you made me whole,
by Your Son's sacrifice at the Cross!

He was bruised and denied,He was beaten and nailed,
at the cross crucified for my sins!
He was raised to life,and i'm the branch He is the vine,
and His spirit now abides in me!

Elohim, Adonai,my Lord,El Shaddai,my father protector and king,
I was lost in the world but you made me whole,
by the blood of your Son's at the Cross!

He was bruised and denied, He was beaten and nailed,
at the Cross crucified for my sins!
Now I walk in the light, made whole purified,
by the Blood of your son's I'm washed clean!

Elohim Adonai,my Lord,El Shaddai,my Father ,Protector and King,
I'm now Your child as Jesus is so am I,
a join heir of this world I'm with Him!

Copyright ©2008 Bianca Anne Martini

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Most Treasured Gift!

Written for my saviour JESUS.
The Lord of my life!
Lord you are my most treasured gift!
They say, when we live in the dark the only light we can't see its the truth.
And I lived in the dark untill you met me LORD,and your bright light extinguished the darknessfrom my life,and now I can see!
YOU are the truth!
And now Lord you are, my sails in the wind of change, that pull me through!
And now Lord you are my wings, that lift me high above the clouds, when presures keep me down!
And now Lord you're are my oxygen, that protects me from all fears and anxiety!
And now Lord your Blood is my blanket that keeps me pure, providing comfort and joy, and a life free from lonliness and despair!
And now Lord you are my golden tomorrows that I look forward and hope for!
And now Lord you are my bright sunshine that follows the rainbow after the darknessof the storm!
And now Lord you are my bright shining star, and my compass that keep me on the right path!
My LORD Jesus you are and always will be, my hope, my light ,and my joy in life, my blessed saviour!
Because LORD all I ever wished, you brought in to my life when you rescued me, from the pit of hell!
I dont care what the world say,
because to me MY LORD
Copyright ©2009 Bianca A Martini

A collection of poems written for .......

A collection of poems written for the Lord
and .....Some have also been published.

In the depths of the earth,

At the wings of the storm,

There is always summer weather,

In your heart to keep me warm!

Your sweet looking face is full of grace, and the view in your eyes, is of clear skies.
Your voice is calm, and forever serene, but the treasure of jewls, is what you hold within.
What a stroke of luck, and what a treasure to find, that inside your heart MY LORD JESUS
is a huge goldmine!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

You are the treasure of my life! The morning glory of my thoughts!
The bliss of my achivements! The energy of my being!
The force of my faith! The glow of my face! The rainbow of my eyes!
The music in my ears! The star of my universe! The sunshine of my heart!
My LORD JESUS you are my wings!
Copyright ©2009Bianca Anne Martini

TheTreasures That I Found In You
Written and dedicated to Ron with all my love

The treasures that you share with me, can never be taken lightly.
And every sunrise the LORD I praise,for each brand-new day with you I face.
Sorrows and happiness fun and tears,in each other's arms we will share for years.
With a treasure ahead in each new day to find,we will never miss what we will leave behind.
In my wildest dreams never thought I could find,such a golden heart that you gave me to mind.
And that pot of gold overflows each time,your sweet lips you place on top of mine!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Love Poem Competition
Your Love Lifts Me To Heavens!

The splendor of sunset across the sky,something divine filled my eye.
Snowdrops pushing through the earth,new love sent vibes within my breasts.
Inside my heart your warmth I can feel,a brand new beginning is always a thrill.

My heart swelled with the power of love,as I walked by your side, the long gravelly path.
And glimpses of heaven during those moments I felt,as you suddenly came closer and held my hand.

I nestled contented in the arms of my sweetheart,and devoured each moment that we spent with each other.
Loves bliss once again overflowed my heart,and erased all hurts that had tore it apart!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

You Are A Gift!
For that Special Someone

Each day I give thanks to God for blessing me with the gift of sight
because I am allowed to view the rainbows in your eyes!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of hearing
because I can hear the sweet music your voice brings to my ears!
I thank him for blessing me with the gift of touch
for the glory that Iexperience each time I feel your gentleness!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of feelings
for the joy that I experience each time you place your sweet lips on top of mine!

I thank him for, blessing me with the gift of taste,
becauseI am allowed to experience the sweetness of your nectar that overflows from your kisses!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of smell
because I can devour the odour of your manhood each time I cudle in your arms!
I thank him for blessing me with the gift of heart,
so I can love you and allowing you to love me!
So today as I think of that special day.....when I first experience the joy that you brought
in to my life,when you first open your arms and heald me tight!

When you placed your lips on top of mine and said ohh you are so special to me!
"I love you Bianca!""ohh how much I love you Bianca!"

When you held my body gently!When you gaze at me with eyes filled with love
and I was able to view the goldmine the LORD had deposited Into your heart with the pot of gold full of love for me!

As you whispered"I love you"in to my ears and the sweet music of your words filled my heart with delight!

I thank HIM because he allowed me to experience the glory of love when he send you
to make me a part of your life!
And to know the difference your feelings,your touch, your odour,your voice, and your love,
has brought in to my life!

But most importantly I thank HIM, and I rejoice with HIM,because I know HE brought you to me to warm my heart with HIS GIFTof your love, and blessed me with HIS love to love you!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Each time I look in to your eyes,I see the rainbows in clear skies.
A trip to heaven I take each time,your lips you place on top of mine!
The bubbling brooks again I hear, as you whisper in to my ear.
Your words of love that lift me high, like an eagle up in the sky!

When you declare your love to me, I dance around like a bumble bee.
My serenades for you I sing, amongst the birds that join me!
Even the sun can not supply, the depth of warmth your love provides!
The longest river or the deep blue sea, can never hold what you given me!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

A portrait of your love!

How can I discribe my love,and what words should I use,To paint a picture to the worldone that portraits you?

How fast should I climb the stars, my happiness to share,and sing with angels songs of joy the love that we share?
The warmth you brought in to my heart,the sun cannot provide,and all the jewels around the globe can never match the rainbows in your eyes!

Even when we are miles apart,you are still within my mind, the joy and love you are giving me
none other can provide!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

The gentleness of your love!
Your gentle touch I still can feel,
and words you spoken are within!
The warmth you gave me I just recall
and say thank you to my LORD,
for the great moments that we share
They reach my heart because you care!
And many more like this will be
because you gave your heart to me!

Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Happy birthday!!
I search around with you in mind,a perfect gift for you to find.
Something to last for many years, to bring you joy,comfort and chears!
My love its called that precious gift, in all its forms and ways
you know that now its yours to keep, for years months and days!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The invisible quality of a champion is endurance!

He refuses to run from a fight!
He knows that overcoming involves more then one battle!
He never conciders quiting as an option!He rests, then he gets up again!
Hell fears a fighter!
Your endurance makes the enemy tired. With God as your partner you cannot fail!

A mushroom can spring up in a day,an oak takes fifty years or more to mature.Mushrooms dont last,oaks do!

"Blessed is the man that endures temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to them that love him"JAMES 1 :12


Today there are believers who still cannot believe that the work of JESUS is complete!
They try to finish a finished work, and defeat a defeated devil!
They are always working and trying to produce, their healing, prosperity, success and victory.
GOD wants us to enter into a rest!
His work is finished, its completed! JESUS DID IT!!!!!! By his stripes you are healed, prosperous and delivered!!!!!!
Accepted and be at rest and be blessed.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

poem, The treasures That I Found In You!

Written and dedicated to Ron with all my love!

The treasures that you share with me
can never be taken lightly.
And every sunrise the LORD I praise
for each brand-new day with you I face.
Sorrows and happiness fun and tears
in each other's arms we will share for years.
With a treasure ahead in each new day to find,
we will never miss what we will leave behind.
In my wildest dreams never thought I could find,
such a golden heart that you gave me to mind.
And that pot of gold overflows each time
your sweet lips you place on top of mine.

Bianca Anne Martini

Copyright ©2004 Bianca Anne Martini