Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life is a race!

As I was watching Lowndesy comming through the winners lap for the third year in a row and win the bathurst 1000 race today, tears flooded my eyes as I recalled all the races the Lord helped me to win the last four years.
My wounds were many when the Lord opened His arms and held me tight .......both physical and life was a highway of,...ill health....unfulfilled desires...divorce, lonliness....rejection, much pain....

Where do I life the last four years is a miracle after a miracle and many of you have watched and are witness of them.
*The Lord has turned my tests into a testimony,
*My tears into miles of smiles
*The pain into joy
*the fears into faith
*the sorrows into contentment
*stress into peace
*failure into success
from strenght to strenght and each day from fulness to overflow of blessings love and prosperity in abundance!
I am blessed beyond measure! Thank you Lord!
I learned to forgive, to love those who hurt me and to pray for them because they are in real need of prayer that hatred in their heart is killing them and they are not aware of it!

I remember brother Jerry once he said "find yourself in the bible" and one of the places I found myself was in the following verses.

"Now remember what you were, my brothers, when God called.From the human point of view few of you were wise or powerful or of high social standing but GOD purposely chose what the world considers nonsence in order to shame the wise and He chose what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful"
1Corinthians1: 26-27
Thats right friends, one of those foolish people was me, rejected, trodent down, used and abused
I have no college education to boast about My only PHD is "pray heal deliver"in the name of Jesus!
Not even in my wildest dream I could of thought that God would send such wonderful teachers and mentors in my life!
And not just in one area but in every area of life.
Healing, Wisdom,Counseling, Relationships, Money, Deliverance,Making wise decisions and the list goes on ..........

Lord I said last year, you said whatever I ask in your name you will do it for me, so my joy can be complete, please heal my right foot so I can wear high heal shoes like other women.......few weeks latter that stiff foot bend again I wear high heals all the time because this is another test that was turned in to a testimony!

Yes friends life is a race we dont give up we trust we believe we persevear and we win! yes we win because with God for us who can be against us!

Remember friends the golden rules of success
*We never ever compromise.. the one who does has lost already!
*Never make decisions out of fear!
*never accept a promotion or a new position because of money or prestige title, that opportunity may turned out to be the greatest curse in your life!
*When people reject you it is not because you are inferior but because you are superior!
Never try to please others because of guilt Jesus has set us free!
*If you are unhappy where you are get out of it!
*Ask believe and receive God wants His children to be happy and free, He send His son to set us free!
*Dont try to live a second best life Jesus came so you can live life in abundance to the full till it overflows!
*Are you living it?
*If not who is stealing your joy?
*The Son has set you free whom are you a slave to and why?

Walk with boldness strength and courage cause "the Lord is for you who can be against you" and remember "no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that will rise up against you in judgement will be condemned"..."for the Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated infront of your face!"



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Inspire Tomorrow said...


This is a wonderful post. I really like your advice at the end. There is so much wisdom in those words and so simple to comprehend. However, living those words is tough! It is calming to know that there is a living God out there that is beside us during the tough times.