Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Lord Jesus!

My Lord Jesus,my Lord Jesus, you are everything to me,
You are my Redeemer,You're my Healer and my peace!

My Lord Jesus,my Lord Jesus my life in me,
You were sent from Your Father our Creator Elohim!
To a world that has fallen in the enemy's hand
and you broke the yoke of bondage that was leading us to hell!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, You are everything to me
You are my blessed Savior and Your Spirit is leading me,
to an everlasting life free from sorrow and stress
because You set us free forever from the law of sin and death!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, my life's True Friend,
You are the only headen treasure that can resurrect the dead!
To the Cross Your love has lead You, to save others lost like me
and Your blood You gave to wash us, from the punishment of sin!

My Lord Jesus, my Lord Jesus, You are everything to me,
in my heart You are now forever and Your love abides in me!

Copyright ©2008 Bianca Anne Martini

1 comment:

AG said...

This is a great poem. I also like the one below. To compose a song of them would be an idea... what do you think?

I came to your blog through your witty answers and profile on LinkedIn.

The Lord bless you,