Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Happened At The Cross?

The seven sayings of the cross

1 "Father forgiven them for they know not what they are doing".Luke 23:34
I see this as the epitomy of Love. In the old testament God gave Moses 10 commandments for men to follow, all those commandments are based up on requirments from men to do or shoulnt do in order to please God and be in harmony with Him.However in the new testament Jesus summarized all this commandments into one Mathew22:and John13:34 "A new commandment I give unto you,That ye love one another;as I have loved you,that ye also love one another"."a loved you,that ye also love one another".

This is the epitomy of Love. He is being placed at the cross naked His body is bitten and bruised, His disciples have forshaken Him,the Jewish leaders are mocking Him for claiming He is the son of God, the Roman soldiers are laughing at Him for claiming to be a king,and Pilate placed a sign upon the top of His head conferming it.
Yet Jesus cried out not in bitterness, but in love asking His father to forgive them, instead of demanding a panishment."Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing"

Am I following His example? whos site am I with?Have I allowed satan to turn me bitter, by holding a grudge, or have I allowed the Love of God through forgiveness to overflow my heart?

2. "Today you will be with me in paradise" Luke 23:43 And Jesus said to him"Asuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise." Jesus is now hanging at the cross, two other criminals are crucified on either side of Him.

One of them joins the mokers.This persons heart is filled with doubt and unbelief even though he knows his end is near.

But the other criminal looks at Jesus He sees love overflowing from His heart towards Him.The Love of the Savour penetrates His heart, he acknowledges his wrongdoings, he knows he sinned and has come short of the glory of God, therefore he deserves his panishment, but he wonders about Jesus, a man filled with love and compassion for others, how can loving others be so wrong?

His eyes are finaly opened to the truth, he sees in Jesus the perfect demonstration of the love of God, he reaches out to Him, and he receives mercy and salvation.

Am I holding my sins?Have I totaly surrender my life to God? Am I aware of His mercy or am I allowing doubts to cast shadows in my mind?Do I believe heaven is my home?

3 "Women behold your son!"Then He said to the disciple,"Behold your mother" John19:26/27
Jesus for three and a half years went around healing the sick, comforting the needy, and teaching all who wanted to hear, the truth about the kingdom of God.

Now He is at the cross mocked by those who hated Him, abandoned by His disciples whom He loved, except one.Even Peter who was willing to walk in the water with Him has rejected Him.

But this disciple John, is still there because he has "a revelation of how much Jesus loves Him".

Jesus looking down His eyes upon His mother, the women that carried Him in the womb, gave birth to Him, and took care of Him.

His heart is full of compassion, even in that hour of great physical and emotional pain he cares for her future. He knows the pain she must endure because of Him, but He has to fulfil His mission, and the time has come for His separation from her, but without abundoning her.

He places her welfare into the hands of someone He can trust. Even in His suffering He is the epitomy of beauty.His heart is filled with uncoditional love, an unselfish love.

Am I aware of the Lords love for me? Do I believe that He has provided for me because He cares for my welfare?

4 " My God,My God,why have You forshaken Me?"Mathew27:46
Up to this point Jesus has been bruised, and denyed, He has been bitten and niled at the cross.On His head instead of a crown of Glory is a crown of thorns. Blood flows freely from His wounds, but His emotional wounds are deeper and more paiful. He has been mocked and denied by most, yet His suffering does not end there.

Jesus knows He has to carry the sin of mankind, and endure the wrath of God that we deserve, so we can receive His righteousness that we dont deserve. But for this to take place He must be forshaken from His father. He has to endure that eternal separation from Him.He has to become the sacrificial lamb once and for all, so we can spend eternity with Him through Him.

Am I aware of my righteousness?What Jesus had to endure for me?Am I rejoicing that I have His unconditional love?

5" I Thirst" John 19:29" He is upon the cross the pain is great, the torment unbearable. He has endure great pain, His body is torn to pieces, stripes are on His back, blood runs from his wounds freely,abundoned by everyone and mocked, left alone to die.

That body screems from pain, He knows He has the power to change everything, to prove to all that He is the Son of God, but He can't, because He loves us, He has to save us from this torment forever.Yet the body cries out I thirst.
Someone wants to take pleasure from His pain, so He offers Him sour wine from a sponge tied on a stick of hyssop.

Am I conscious of the price Jesus had to pay to set me free?

6 "It is finished" John 19:30 When Jesus said "it is finished" It ment "I did it"
I walked as a sinless man on earth, I foolled Satan,I carried the sin of mankind on my body, I endure my separation from the father, I accomplished my mission.

Am I rejoicing that Jesus has set me free or am I trying to earn my righteousness and defeet a defeeted devil?

7 "Father into your hands I surrender my spirit" Jesus up to the last minute obeyed the will of the father. Submission and surrender was evident in His ministry.He is the good shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. He commited His spirit to His father knowing that His mission has been now accomplished ,He has fought the good fight of faith, He won the race, He deserves the reward!

What is this reward?
We are free, eternaly forgiven, redeemed, healed, prosperous, adopted,delivered! Because of Jesus !

And that is my friends what happened at the cross.
Thank you Jesus!Hallelujahh!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love never fails!

Hi friend,Just over four years ago I experienced the most radical change transformation in my life.
At the time I was going through what we call a rough path.My physical body almost gave up under the extreme amound of stress.Medical practitioners, natural healers of any kind, concluded that they could do nothing to help me .
It was at that point that I met someone so special that transformed my life around!

We've met each day and with time our bond became stronger and stronger.Within a year healing had returned the doctors called it a miracle.Some say that the power of love is incredible!

As time past, he introduced me to some great people who became my teachers and mentors, my life slowly and steadily was transformed.Fears vanished, laughter replaced tears, as our love for each other became stronger and stronger by the day!

He is my very special friend, extremely inteligent and so full of wisdom.If I have a question he knows the right answer, if I have a need he knows how to fullfil it , he is gentle, kind and loving very peacefull and always happy and willing.....and he has saved my life !

His name is Jesus friend, the healer,the provider,the teacher,and everything else I need him to be.And I am alive and a living proof of his existence, because you are now reading my testimony!

Do you know Jesus?Do you realy know him?