Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to find balance in our multitask lifestyles

It was an eye opening experience when I discovered that the only bussiness that produce steady growth lately are the pharmaceutical companies!
Does that tells us anything?????
I believe that in order to live a life of peace and joy there has to be a balance in our six major areas bussiness ,family,social,physical,mental,and spiritual.
We must plan our time and walk in our plan!
Broken homes,stress,anxiety,confussion,failing bussiness, are all the result of an unbalanced lifestyle.
Many peoples lives and up in a mess because they are searching to find what they already possess within themselves but they cant see it.

Personaly I value peace of mind and rest in all areas and the only way that has been achived is by prioritizing,planing and walking in love and peace.
When the mind is at rest ideas flow easy, projects are completed, tasks are accomplished,marriages thrive,joy overflow and health is at its uttermost!

King Solomon was the wisest man ever lived yet he wrote the following. I accomplished great things.
I built myself houses and planted vineyards,
I planted gardens and orchards...
I dug ponds to irrigate them ,
I bought many slaves ....
I owned more livestock than anyone else ...
I also piled up silver and gold from royal treasuries of the land I ruled,
Man and women sang to entertain me,
and I had all the women a man could want 750 wives and 250 concubines.
Anything I wanted I got ,
I did not deny myself any pleasure...
then I thought about was like chasing the wind.
He said the best thing a man can do is to enjoy what has been given.
His focus was on himself and what he wanted,
even though he had wisdom, selfishness and greed controled his life.

Selfishenes and greed are highly distractive and I believe they are the force behind this hectic multitask lifestyle of todays society in many peoples lives.

In order to achive success our life should be balanced and totaly adjusted in all of the six major areas. and also we must be greatful and appreciate the value of each brand new day.
Because each day is a gift that many times we take for granted and dont appreciate its value.
Each moment that passes by is another moment less in our lives!

Be at rest and be blessed

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