Friday, July 25, 2008

A collection of poems written for .......

A collection of poems written for the Lord
and .....Some have also been published.

In the depths of the earth,

At the wings of the storm,

There is always summer weather,

In your heart to keep me warm!

Your sweet looking face is full of grace, and the view in your eyes, is of clear skies.
Your voice is calm, and forever serene, but the treasure of jewls, is what you hold within.
What a stroke of luck, and what a treasure to find, that inside your heart MY LORD JESUS
is a huge goldmine!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

You are the treasure of my life! The morning glory of my thoughts!
The bliss of my achivements! The energy of my being!
The force of my faith! The glow of my face! The rainbow of my eyes!
The music in my ears! The star of my universe! The sunshine of my heart!
My LORD JESUS you are my wings!
Copyright ©2009Bianca Anne Martini

TheTreasures That I Found In You
Written and dedicated to Ron with all my love

The treasures that you share with me, can never be taken lightly.
And every sunrise the LORD I praise,for each brand-new day with you I face.
Sorrows and happiness fun and tears,in each other's arms we will share for years.
With a treasure ahead in each new day to find,we will never miss what we will leave behind.
In my wildest dreams never thought I could find,such a golden heart that you gave me to mind.
And that pot of gold overflows each time,your sweet lips you place on top of mine!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Love Poem Competition
Your Love Lifts Me To Heavens!

The splendor of sunset across the sky,something divine filled my eye.
Snowdrops pushing through the earth,new love sent vibes within my breasts.
Inside my heart your warmth I can feel,a brand new beginning is always a thrill.

My heart swelled with the power of love,as I walked by your side, the long gravelly path.
And glimpses of heaven during those moments I felt,as you suddenly came closer and held my hand.

I nestled contented in the arms of my sweetheart,and devoured each moment that we spent with each other.
Loves bliss once again overflowed my heart,and erased all hurts that had tore it apart!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

You Are A Gift!
For that Special Someone

Each day I give thanks to God for blessing me with the gift of sight
because I am allowed to view the rainbows in your eyes!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of hearing
because I can hear the sweet music your voice brings to my ears!
I thank him for blessing me with the gift of touch
for the glory that Iexperience each time I feel your gentleness!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of feelings
for the joy that I experience each time you place your sweet lips on top of mine!

I thank him for, blessing me with the gift of taste,
becauseI am allowed to experience the sweetness of your nectar that overflows from your kisses!

I thank him for blessing me with the gift of smell
because I can devour the odour of your manhood each time I cudle in your arms!
I thank him for blessing me with the gift of heart,
so I can love you and allowing you to love me!
So today as I think of that special day.....when I first experience the joy that you brought
in to my life,when you first open your arms and heald me tight!

When you placed your lips on top of mine and said ohh you are so special to me!
"I love you Bianca!""ohh how much I love you Bianca!"

When you held my body gently!When you gaze at me with eyes filled with love
and I was able to view the goldmine the LORD had deposited Into your heart with the pot of gold full of love for me!

As you whispered"I love you"in to my ears and the sweet music of your words filled my heart with delight!

I thank HIM because he allowed me to experience the glory of love when he send you
to make me a part of your life!
And to know the difference your feelings,your touch, your odour,your voice, and your love,
has brought in to my life!

But most importantly I thank HIM, and I rejoice with HIM,because I know HE brought you to me to warm my heart with HIS GIFTof your love, and blessed me with HIS love to love you!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Each time I look in to your eyes,I see the rainbows in clear skies.
A trip to heaven I take each time,your lips you place on top of mine!
The bubbling brooks again I hear, as you whisper in to my ear.
Your words of love that lift me high, like an eagle up in the sky!

When you declare your love to me, I dance around like a bumble bee.
My serenades for you I sing, amongst the birds that join me!
Even the sun can not supply, the depth of warmth your love provides!
The longest river or the deep blue sea, can never hold what you given me!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

A portrait of your love!

How can I discribe my love,and what words should I use,To paint a picture to the worldone that portraits you?

How fast should I climb the stars, my happiness to share,and sing with angels songs of joy the love that we share?
The warmth you brought in to my heart,the sun cannot provide,and all the jewels around the globe can never match the rainbows in your eyes!

Even when we are miles apart,you are still within my mind, the joy and love you are giving me
none other can provide!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

The gentleness of your love!
Your gentle touch I still can feel,
and words you spoken are within!
The warmth you gave me I just recall
and say thank you to my LORD,
for the great moments that we share
They reach my heart because you care!
And many more like this will be
because you gave your heart to me!

Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

Happy birthday!!
I search around with you in mind,a perfect gift for you to find.
Something to last for many years, to bring you joy,comfort and chears!
My love its called that precious gift, in all its forms and ways
you know that now its yours to keep, for years months and days!
Copyright ©2009 Bianca Anne Martini

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