Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My answers on the financial crisis

“The just shall live by faith!

Hi friend, today I am going to talk about my views on the current financial crisis.

I believe that this situation will change when the leaders at the top get themselves strait and start talking positive instead of a doom future!

How can they gain consumer confidence when all they see is doom and gloom!

Fear breeds fear and any decisions made in fear are doomed for failure!
Fear is the result of focusing on the current circumstances and make decisions according to what we see now

The Word of God says"That if we faint in the day advercity our strength is small"
One of the greatest qualities of a leader is to be a visionary able to project rebirth out of the ashes!
Solid vision keeps everyone on track, chaos reigns wherever the vision lapses and that is the problem at present!

A leader will either cause people to thrive or to groan.

The problem is fear, and the leaders at present are talking and expecting crisis, instead of a breakthrough !
Jesus said we will have whatsoever we say and how true His words are!”
Leaders fainting in the day of advercity their strength is small!
Fear is contageous it spreads like a plague.

The world needs faithful leaders not fearful leaders!
When Leaders are fearful about the economic future, those who look up at them will hold to their resources.
As a result production slows down for lack of demand, corporations fail and people lose their jobs and we end up with economic disaster.

The world is in need of Leaders who dont abuse power.
Leaders who lead their people into a cause and not into confussion.
Leaders who focus on the wellbeing of their corporation, the people, their nation, and the world rather then themselves.

Leaders with a vision,who see a great future, speak about a great future, and bring about a great future!

Mature leaders whose foundation of success is based on honesty and integrity!



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