Friday, July 25, 2008

The Most Treasured Gift!

Written for my saviour JESUS.
The Lord of my life!
Lord you are my most treasured gift!
They say, when we live in the dark the only light we can't see its the truth.
And I lived in the dark untill you met me LORD,and your bright light extinguished the darknessfrom my life,and now I can see!
YOU are the truth!
And now Lord you are, my sails in the wind of change, that pull me through!
And now Lord you are my wings, that lift me high above the clouds, when presures keep me down!
And now Lord you're are my oxygen, that protects me from all fears and anxiety!
And now Lord your Blood is my blanket that keeps me pure, providing comfort and joy, and a life free from lonliness and despair!
And now Lord you are my golden tomorrows that I look forward and hope for!
And now Lord you are my bright sunshine that follows the rainbow after the darknessof the storm!
And now Lord you are my bright shining star, and my compass that keep me on the right path!
My LORD Jesus you are and always will be, my hope, my light ,and my joy in life, my blessed saviour!
Because LORD all I ever wished, you brought in to my life when you rescued me, from the pit of hell!
I dont care what the world say,
because to me MY LORD
Copyright ©2009 Bianca A Martini

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