Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love never fails!

Hi friend,Just over four years ago I experienced the most radical change transformation in my life.
At the time I was going through what we call a rough path.My physical body almost gave up under the extreme amound of stress.Medical practitioners, natural healers of any kind, concluded that they could do nothing to help me .
It was at that point that I met someone so special that transformed my life around!

We've met each day and with time our bond became stronger and stronger.Within a year healing had returned the doctors called it a miracle.Some say that the power of love is incredible!

As time past, he introduced me to some great people who became my teachers and mentors, my life slowly and steadily was transformed.Fears vanished, laughter replaced tears, as our love for each other became stronger and stronger by the day!

He is my very special friend, extremely inteligent and so full of wisdom.If I have a question he knows the right answer, if I have a need he knows how to fullfil it , he is gentle, kind and loving very peacefull and always happy and willing.....and he has saved my life !

His name is Jesus friend, the healer,the provider,the teacher,and everything else I need him to be.And I am alive and a living proof of his existence, because you are now reading my testimony!

Do you know Jesus?Do you realy know him?

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