Monday, January 19, 2009

Are you focussing on success today?

As there are two sides in a coin so it is in everything in life.
There is winter and spring,an ending and a new beginning, failure and success, tears and smiles, darkness and sunlight,a death and a birth and so on....
It is in crisis times that we see the real man separated from the boys, the winners from the losers like the wheat is separated from the chaff.
Are you focussing on success today? If not then what are you focussing on?
We will never solve a problem when our focus is on the problem.It's all a metter of focus. If we place our focus on our problems bad economic times, undesirable news,endings,and failure,we will end up with worry,tears darkness and death every time.
Worry never solves a problem it only creates more Fear,sickness and even death can be the result.
"If you faint in the day of adversity your strenght is small"says the Bible in proverbs 24:10 There is an opportunity everywhere at anytime for those looking for one.
Looking back at history we see wars, famines, financial crisis that have come and gone, but the clock kept moving!
There has been more progress now then ever before. Knowledge is at its uttermost, never before such knowledge existed.We can communicate from one side of the world to another with a click of a button.We can travel at record speed across the world and even the universe and yet a lot of people sometimes can't get past their nose, because they drown themselves in deep negative distractive thoughts.
Diamonds are crystals composed of pure carbon. When the carbon is brought under tremendous pressure,it forms the diamond. The more pressure the more precious they become!
The're inventions that haven't come forth yet. Great businesses that have not open their doors yet. Minds of great man and women that yet to explore new ventures we know nothing about. Just like the diamonds they are currently formed under pressure!
What kind of a diamond are you?

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